UMG 508

Multifunction power analyser

The multi-purpose unit for integration into control panels. Continuous monitoring of the power quality, analysis of electrical interference in the event of network problems.

Power quality

  • Harmonics analysis up to 40th harmonic
  • Acquisition of short-term interruptions
  • Acquisition of transients
  • Display of waveforms (current and voltage
  • Unbalance
  • Vector diagram

User-friendly, colour graphical display with intuitive user guidance

  • User-friendly, colour graphical display with intuitive user guidance
  • User-friendly, self-explanatory and intuitive operation
  • Clear and informative representation of online graphs and further power quality events

Modern communications architecture via Ethernet

  • Ethernet interface and web server
  • Faster, better cost-optimised and more reliable communication system
  • High flexibility due to the use of open standards
  • Integration in PLC systems and BMS through additional interfaces
  • BACnet optionally available

Modbus Gateway function

  • Economical connection of devices without Ethernet interface
  • Integration of devices with Modbus-RTU interface possible 
  • Data can be scaled and described
  • Minimised number of IP addresses required

Graphical programming

  • Comprehensive programming options (PLC functionality)
  • Jasic® source code programming
  • Sustainable functional expansions far beyond pure measurement
  • Complete APPs from the Janitza library

Powerful alarm management

  • Can be programmed via the graphic programming or Jasic® source code
  • All measured values can be used
  • Can be arbitrarily, mathematically processed
  • Individual forwarding via email sending, switching of digital outputs, writing to Modbus addresses etc.
  • Watchdog APP
  • Further alarm management functions via GridVis®-Service alarm management

Dimension diagrams

All dimensions in mm

Typical connection

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